Birth Haze: Thank you Mom

a mother's day tribute

If you have been in our Facebook group or had a conversation with me, in person or online, you know how much I love lifting up others in parenthood and business. Community is something I love to foster! So this mother's day I would love to put together a short and sweet video for all the mom's out there expecting through postpartum.

See to the right, a recent video I directed and produced with the help of photographers across the world to showcase the beauty in cesarean births all while talking about how we, as birth photographers, believe that every birth is beautiful.

This project will have a similar feel! Below you will find exactly what we are looking for, how to submit, and a brief questionnaire to help me pull everyone's information together.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

The Narrative

With this video, I want to highlight and depict the reality of the birth haze, fog, and memory gaps women have throughout their labor. This is a real life topic that not many women seem to be talking about. Seriously, I googled and found nothing. For some of us birth photographers this concept is part of our marketing strategy, but for the public, the mother and father out there not immersed in the birth world, this is something I believe can help us AND families expecting children. Birth is the true surrender to our instincts, the lie of a new human entering this world. 

Let's work together while also thanking all the mother's out there!


1) Images (with a simple unobtrusive watermark) and video you have taken that you feel encompasses the concept of "the birth haze."

2) A headshot, because I want to feature you!

3) Video or Audio of you reading the script posted below. Only the audio will be used, so don't stress about how you look if you choose to take a video. You can record your audio by using the standard voice memo app that is available on all phone devices.

Here is the script:

Birth is a time of great transformation.

The moment you go from partners to parents.

It is a collective moment of passion, anticipation, instinct, and adrenaline.

With the abundance of emotion during birth comes the haze of perception.

Your heart and body are exposed to so much during labor and delivery. From intense contractions to the pure euphoria of finally holding your brand new tiny human. There is no wonder that women often forget some of the seemingly mundane elements of one of the most amazing shows of our natural and raw talent. Causing us to miss so many of those tiny details of one of the most profound experiences life provides us.

If you knew you might forget your strength, power, or all those tiny details of connection and fleeting emotions, in the days, weeks, and years to come, would you document it? 

Owning your birth, one of the most profound experiences life provides us is an incredible gift. It is an even greater treasure to show your child the level  of commitment, endurance, and abundant love you exuded the moment they entered the world.  

Your birth matters! Whether your story is one of natural delivery or cesarean – surrogacy or adoption. The day you brought life into this world is worth being remembered.

You are a mother. You are Strong. You are powerful. You are Smart, Beautiful, and Brave.

Thank you for being you!

Happy Mother's Day.


Submit Here

*Please Note* When you hit submit, you will see a link for the shared Dropbox folder for this project.
Submissions will close Tuesday May 9th at 12 midnight EST.
Video will be released Friday May 12th.

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